Stratum Number Stratum Type Features Occupation
A-1-1 Present Ground After San Juan
B-1-2 Post-Occupational Fill none San Juan
B-2-15 Post-Occupational Fill none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
C-1-3 Structured Trash none San Juan
C-2-4.5 Structured Trash none San Juan
C-3-7 Structured Trash none Chacoan
D-1-9 Artificial Fill 95.0; none; 96.0; 97.0 Unknown
D-2.5-10.5 Artificial Fill San Juan
D-2-10 Artificial Fill 96.0 Unknown
D-3-11 Artificial Fill 97.0 San Juan
D-4-19 Artificial Fill none Chacoan
F-1-4 Roof Itself none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
H-1-5 Floor Contact 87.0; none San Juan
H-2-17 Floor Contact San Juan?
H-3-24 Floor Contact 138.0; none Chacoan
H-4-33 Floor Contact 1000.0; 1001.0; none Chacoan
I-1-6 Floor Itself none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
I-2-17.5 Floor Itself Chacoan
I-3-32 Floor Itself 50.0; none Chacoan
K-3-46 Wall Foundation Chacoan
L-10-22 Feature Fill 123.0 Chacoan
L-11-23 Feature Fill 124.0 Chacoan
L-12-26 Feature Fill 126.0; none San Juan
L-13-27 Feature Fill 125.0; 130.0 Chacoan
L-14-29 Feature Fill 125.0 Chacoan
L-15-30 Feature Fill 127.0 Chacoan
L-16-31 Feature Fill 128.0 San Juan?
L-17-34 Feature Fill 140.0; none Chacoan
L-1-8 Feature Fill 55.0; none San Juan
L-19-39 Feature Fill 139.0; none Chacoan
L-20-40 Feature Fill 142.0 Chacoan
L-2-11.5 Feature Fill 99.0; none San Juan
L-21-42 Feature Fill 148.0 Chacoan
L-23-44 Feature Fill 147.0; none San Juan
L-3-11.7 Feature Fill 103.0 Chacoan
L-4-12 Feature Fill 104.0 San Juan
L-5-13 Feature Fill 105.0 San Juan?
L-6-16 Feature Fill 106.0; 107.0; 115.0 San Juan?
L-7-18 Feature Fill 107.0 San Juan
L-8-16 Feature Fill 108.0 Unknown
L-8-20 Feature Fill 115.0; 110.0; none San Juan
L-9-17 Feature Fill 109.0; none; 103.0 Unknown
L-9-21 Feature Fill 122.0 Chacoan
P-0-0 Archaeological Backfill none Unknown
R-1-25 Extramural Activity Surface 150.0; none Chacoan
U-0-0 Disturbed Deposits none Unknown
U-1-45 Disturbed Deposits none Chacoan
W-2-41 Material Found Within Walls 145.0 Chacoan
X-0-0 Unknown Deposit Unknown
no data 52.0; 141.0; none
none 200.0; none
J-1-15 none