Room 127W is an original Chacoan room located in the southeast sector of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 5.4 x 2.9 m. It was constructed during the initial episode, around 1090, and a kiva was added during the later San Juan occupation (designated Room 127A). In all, 49 strata were identified in 127W; half were feature-related deposits. The San Juan strata included trash layers, roof-fall, and a floor complex. Around ten strata were mixed Chacoan and San Juan ceramics. Chacoan strata include a floor complex, artificial fill, and feature fill. One surface was determined to be pre-Chacoan in origin. Thirty-six features were associated with Room 127W. At least ten were San Juan in origin: five burials, two hearths, ash pits, and roofing material. The Chacoan age features include ash pits, hearths, a ritual feature with a ceramic bowl and a mano. The room was burned in the late 1100s or early 1200s, a burning event seen elsewhere across Salmon Pueblo. After this, Room 127W was converted into the 127A kiva.