Room 102A is the western portion of the larger gallery room 102. It measures 4.4 x 3 m. It is the most complicated space in the gallery with 47 defined strata. These strata include San Juan era fill and trash deposits, Chacoan age floor units, trash, fill layers, construction debris, and feature-specific strata. Twenty-nine features were recorded in 102A, from both Chacoan and San Juan occupations. Features from the Chacoan occupation include doorways, several pits, a slab feature, a hearth, a storage pit, a ventilator shaft, and wall niches. The San Juan age features include a concentration of faunal refuse and ceramic assemblage in a wall niche. The hearth and pits suggest a living function after it was subdivided from 102B. No tree ring dates were obtained, but from its location, it was probably built during or shortly after the initial construction, between 1090 and 1100.