Room 62W is an original Chacoan room and is the largest at Salmon Pueblo. It is located in the central section of the pueblo and measures 7.5 x 5.8 m. It was connected to Room 68W to the south and 59W to the north with doorways. Room 62W is separated from 62A by strata - Room 62A comprises the upper 13 strata. Since it was located directly west of the Tower Kiva (Room 64), many artifacts were preserved in excellent condition. A few of these artifacts include food remains, perishables, and coprolites. A total of 121 strata was identified in Room 62W, including many trash deposits, occupational fill, feature fill, construction debris and fill, and several floors. Most of the trash deposits in 62W were from the San Juan occupation, indicating that it was mostly used as an in-site midden in the last 100 years or so of its uselife. Fifty-five features were identified in Room 62W. Many were associated with construction activities: vigas, latillas, sockets, posts, and wall plaster. Numerous Chacoan period features were identified including wall niches, doorways, pits, hearths, and trash deposits. Room 62W was initially occupied during the Chacoan era, perhaps for living purposes. The evidence supports a domestic function rather than ceremonial, despite the close proximity to the Tower Kiva. During the San Juan occupation, 62W was used as a trash deposit, latrine, and possibly as a depository for ritual and perishable items that were no longer needed.