Stratum Number Stratum Type Features Occupation
A-1-1 Present Ground none After San Juan
B-1-2 Post-Occupational Fill none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
B-2-3.5 Post-Occupational Fill none Chacoan
D-1-8 Artificial Fill none Chacoan
F-1-3 Roof Itself none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
H-1-4 Floor Contact none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
I-1-7 Floor Itself 3.0; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0; 7.0; 8.0; 9.0; 10.0; 11.0; 12.0; 13.0; 14.0; 15.0; none San Juan
J-1-11 Preoccupational Fill none Chacoan
J-2-12 Preoccupational Fill Chacoan
L-1-5 Feature Fill 1.0 Chacoan
L-2-6 Feature Fill 2.0 Chacoan
S-1-10 Contact Surface Between 2 Other Surfaces Chacoan
T-1-9 Construction Debris none Chacoan
no data none
none none