Room 53W is located in the central section of Salmon Pueblo along the back wall. It is an original Chacoan room that was not structurally modified during the San Juan period. Room 53W measures 5.5 x 2.5 m. Fourteen strata were identified, with the lowest five of Chacoan origin (including artificial fill, construction debris, and a floor unit). The upper strata were mixed and attributed to both Chacoan and San Juan eras. Fifteen features were identified in 53W, including a Chacoan doorway in the south wall, numerous latilla and beam sockets, a pit, and a lithic concentration. The function and use of this room is unclear; the sparse feature assemblage strongly suggests a storage function. Tree ring dates indicate construction around 1090, during the initial Chacoan era construction. The room was used in both occupations into the late 1200s.