Stratum Number Stratum Type Features Occupation
B-2-15.2 Post-Occupational Fill none Chacoan
C-2-10 Structured Trash none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
C-3-12 Structured Trash none Chacoan
C-4-14 Structured Trash none Chacoan
C-5-16 Structured Trash none Chacoan
D-1-19 Artificial Fill Chacoan
F-2-9 Roof Itself none Mixed Chacoan and San Juan
F-3-13 Roof Itself none Chacoan
F-4-15 Roof Itself none; 43.0 Chacoan
G-1.5-14.5 Occupational Fill none Chacoan
G-2-15.1 Occupational Fill none Chacoan
H-2-17 Floor Contact 45.0; none Chacoan
I-2-18 Floor Itself 1.0; 2.0; 3.0; 4.0; 6.0; 27.0; 28.0; 29.0; 30.0; 31.0; 32.0; 33.0; 34.0; 35.0; 36.0; 37.0; 38.0; 39.0; 40.0; 41.0; 42.0; none Chacoan
J-1-20 Preoccupational Fill Chacoan
L-1-11.5 Feature Fill 12.0 Chacoan
L-2-17.1 Feature Fill 43.0 Chacoan
M-1-11 Secondary, Unstructured Trash none Chacoan
M-2-15.3 Secondary, Unstructured Trash none Chacoan
P-0-0 Archaeological Backfill none Unknown
S-1-14.6 Contact Surface Between 2 Other Surfaces none Chacoan
U-0-0 Disturbed Deposits Unknown
W-1-18 Material Found Within Walls none Chacoan
F-1-5 28.0
no data none
none none
G-1-6 none
L-1-5.5 6.0