Room 33W is located in the northwest sector of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 5.8 x 2.9 m. It was built during the Chacoan era and modified by adding a kiva (Room 33C) on the second story level during the San Juan occupation. The emplacement of the Room 33C kiva into Room 33W created two other smaller room spaces 33A and 33B. Twenty-two strata were found in Room 33W. Most were Chacoan in origin with the upper two from the San Juan occupation. Twenty-four features were associated with Room 33W. These include Chacoan vent windows, doorways, three lithic concentrations, Chacoan-age hearths, the remains of a macaw, and a burial. Later work between Rooms 33W and 42W revealed the presence of two additional macaws in the doorway between the rooms. Room 33W contained two small carved stone effigies. Tree ring dates indicate Room 33W was built during the initial construction phase at Salmon in 1090, with some repairs occurring around 1103.