Room 128W is an original, long Chacoan room located in the southeast portion of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 11 x 2.2 m and was was divided in the San Juan period into two smaller rooms—128A and 128B. Excavations were restricted to the southern two-thirds of the room. No San Juan architectural modifications were encountered but San Juan burials and trash were found directly on its original floor. Seven strata were identified in 128W, including a floor unit, roof-fall, feature-related strata and pre-Chacoan strata. No strata were associated with the Chacoan occupation; apparently San Juan occupants used the room to the level of the deepest chacoan use. No features were identified but a large quantities of turkey bone and eggshell dating to the San Juan period were found. This suggests 128W was used as a turkey pen. Masonry style indicates construction during the initial episode, around 1090 and use into the 1280s.