Room 121W is an original Chacoan room located in the southeast sector of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 5 x 4.7 m. During in the San Juan era, it was converted into a kiva identified as Room 121A. Fifty-one strata were identified in 121W, including 4 distinct floors. The lowest two are Chacoan in origin, while the upper two may represent Chacoan or San Juan era floors. Twenty-one features were found in 121W. San Juan age features included two burials, two postholes, and several pits, along with the ventilator for the 121A kiva. Chacoan features included two doorways, several hearths, pits, and a milling bin. Tree-ring dates indicate construction around 1090-1094 and repairs at 1105. Use of the space continued until the 121A kiva was built in the mid-1100s and used until the 1280s.