Room 119W is an original Chacoan room, of small size located in the southeast sector of Salmon Pueblo, measuring 3.2 x 2.3 m. In all, 108 strata were identified in 119W; more than a third of the strata are floor-related. Other strata included structured trash, artificial fill, roof-fall, occupational fill, feature fill, and post-occupational deposits. The multiple floor designations can be grouped into perhaps eight total floors: four of San Juan and four of Chacoan origin. Fifty-five features were found in 118W, approximately half were Chacoan and half were San Juan age. Chacoan floors contained few features, consisting of doorways, vigas, latillas, and various pit structures. The San Juan era floors had features such as hearths, milling bins, roof-related structures, and pits.