Room 98W is an original Chacoan room located in the second tier of rooms from Salmon's back wall, in the northeast corner of the pueblo. It measures 5.7 x 2.9 m. Ten strata were identified in 98W including a San Juan age roof-fall and fill, a trash deposit, a Chacoan floor complex and occupational level. Twelve features were found in 98W. Two were of Chacoan age and consisted of the doorways located in the north and south walls. All of the San Juan age features related to the roof or roof-fall, including vigas, latillas and a large section of fallen roof. Based on its location and the features found, it is probable that 98W was used for storage. Tree- ring dates indicate that the room was constructed during the initial Chacoan period at 1090 and was later used by the San Juan occupants until the late 1200s.