Room 92W is an original Chacoan room located in the east-central part of the main room block of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 5.8 x 5.8 m. It contains multiple subrooms 92 A-F that were created in the post-Chacoan San Juan period. Room 92W contained 34 strata including four defined floor complexe within about 15 cm. It seems improbable that all represent discrete occupations and more likely that one or two reworked floors were in use. Below the reworked floor surfaces were artificial fill strata, feature-fill, and two eroded surfaces, and preconstruction deposits. Thirty-four features were associated with 92W and are Chacoan in origin. These features include three doorways, hearths, storage pits, a floor vault, a series of floor slots, vigas, latillas, and postholes. The feature assemblage indicates that 92W was used as a residential room by the Chacoans. Tree ring dates indicate construction around 1090. Occupation continued through the Chacoan period into the 1120s.