Room 86W is an original Chacoan large square room located in the eastern portion of Salmon's main room block. It measures 5.7 x 5.7 m. It was built during the initial construction episode (around 1090) and later modified with kiva-like features by the San Juan occupants. Sixty-three strata were recorded in 86W, most relating to the San Juan occupation. Many of the strata were feature-related; there were also multiple San Juan and Chacoan floors. Roof fall and trash deposit layers were also found. Most of the 111 features found in 86W related to the San Juan era modifications turning the room into a kiva structure. These include post holes, hearths, a ventilator shaft, several niches, pits, a milling bin, and four burials. Chacoan features included doorways, hearths, post holes, and more than a dozen pits of unknown use. The original Chacoan room probably functioned as a living or residential room.San Juan modification of the room resulted in its conversion to a kiva-like structure. No tree ring dates were obtained, but the room's location, stratigraphy, and Chacoan assemblages suggests construction during the initial episode, around 1090 and used by San Juan period people until the 1280s.