Room 82W is an original Chacoan room located in the central section of Salmon Pueblo, just east of the Tower Kiva (Room 64W). It measures 4.9 x 2.4 m. A post and adobe wall divided the structure, producing a small room space on the west side, designated Room 82A. Much of what is known about Room 82W indicates a specialized, ritual function for the room. The room's complicated deposits resulted in the recording of 78 strata and 65 features. The upper 16 strata are linked to the San Juan occupation at Salmon. These include a floor complex, several roof-fall layers, structured trash, and feature-related strata. Chacoan strata began with a series of roof-fall deposits over structured trash and occupational deposits and finally ended with a series of floor surfaces separated by artificial fill. The 65 features recorded in Room 82W represent both the Chacoan and San Juan eras. Many of the Chacoan features were construction-related, including lintels for the doors and vigas and latillas from the roof. Numerous Chacoan features related to living or residence were also identified, including hearths, heating pits, a bin, a slab feature, and several pits of unknown function. One archaeo-astronomical feature, inferred to have been important for ceremonial activity including the observation of the sky, was found. San Juan occupation features included a broad mix of functions, some of which were related to construction. Other features suggest residence in the room: hearths and two discrete burials were put into the room after its primary use was finished. Other interesting features included a post structure interpreted as a drying rack, an adobe and wood platform built against the east wall, and a series of three posts interpreted as loom posts. Tree ring dates indicate initial construction around 1090, during the initial construction episode. The room was used into the 1280s.