Room 60B was created when Room 60W was subdivided in the Early San Juan period. It measures 4.5 m east-west by 2 m north-south. Most excavation records for this room are in poor condition or missing. The wall and floor were painted with a red hematite. Twenty-three strata were identified in 60B, mostly dating to the San Juan era. A few wall based units were of the Chacoan period. Upper strata included a trash deposit, fill units, roof-fall, two floors, and feature-specific units. The upper floor articulates with the San Juan wall separating 60A from 60B. The lower floor could be either Chacoan or San Juan age. Since many of the excavation notes are missing, the total number of features is unknown. Fourteen features are known in 60B. These include a Chacoan doorway, three San Juan era hearths, several walls, and construction related features. The hearths indicate that Room 60B was used for a living function in the San Juan occupation.