Room 58W is an original Chacoan room located in the central section of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 5.7 x 2.9 m. Eighteen strata were identified in Room 58W, one post-occupational stratum, eleven units with mixed Chacoan and San Juan ceramics, three Chacoan age strata, and a pre-Chacoan stratum. Twenty features were identified in 58W, more than 10 related to the roof or roofing materials and were probably used during the Chacoan occupation. Other features included three Chacoan doorways, two vent windows, a Chacoan hearth, a San Juan era floor pit, and a burial in a roof-fall layer. The San Juan era use of the room involved two floors. The earlier Chacoan floor produced limited ceramics and a basket while the later floor had a pit feature and very few ceramics. Based on the evidence, Room 58W is inferred to be a storage space. A singular tree ring date indicates construction around 1090, during the initial Chacoan era construction. The room was continuously used throughout both occupations into the late 1200s.