Room 37W is the next room directly east of Room 36W in the northwest sector of Salmon Pueblo. The original Chacoan room measures 5.8 x 2.9 m. Room 37W was subdivided during the San Juan era creating two smaller rooms: 37A on the east and 37B on the west. Thirty-three stratigraphic units were identified in room 37W including floor deposits, two roof-fall layers, several trash layers, feature-related deposits, and deposits related to construction of the room. A burned roof was found above the Chacoan floor unit. This might be attributed to the fire that burned most of the western sector of Salmon pueblo in the 1190s. Thirty-four features were recorded in Room 37W. Four vent windows, two doors, three hearths, and an ash pit were associated with the Chacoan occupation. San Juan era features included three pits,and a large storage pit. Tree ring dates from Room 37W indicate construction of the room around 1090. It was used until the mid to late 1100s and the dividing wall (creating Rooms 37A and B) was constructed in the 1200s.