Room 33C is the San Juan period kiva in 33W. It measures 2.5 m in diameter and was added to the second-story floor of Room 33W. It was not centered, but offset by 1m to the west. Thirteen strata were identified in 33C: two floor units, two layers of roof-fall, trash deposits, and post-occupational fill.Nineteen features were associated with the 33C kiva: eight distinct plaster layers on the wall, a ventilator shaft, a cobble-lined hearth, a niche, a viga and latilla from the burned roof, and a mural. The mural depicted two anthropomorphic figures and an anthropomorphic design. The Roo 33C kiva is lacking some typical kiva features, such as pilasters, a bench, and a deflector. The ceramic assemblage and stratigraphy indicate that the kiva was used between 1170-1290.