Room 30W is an original Chacoan room that was later subdivided into two smaller rooms: 30A (east half) and 30B (west half). Room 30W is located in the northwest sector of Salmon Pueblo. The original Chacoan room measures 5.8 m east-west and 2.9 m north-south. Twenty-eight stratigraphic units were defined in Room 30W, including two floor units, one Chacoan, and one of uncertain age; two roof-fall deposits, several distinct layers of structured trash, feature specific strata, and a number of artificial fill and construction debris at lower depths. Most of these strata are Chacoan in age but several are mixed, and the three most recent deposits in Room 30W are from the San Juan period. Nine features were identified in Room 30W, including two Chacoan doorways in the north and south walls of the room, one vent window, and a hearth beneath the Chacoan floor. The south doorway was sealed around the end of the Chacoan occupation of the pueblo, after 1125. The floor was also covered with burned corn and a burned roof. This fire was widespread in the pueblo and occurred in the late 1100s or early 1200s. A north-south cobble wall dividing the room into two smaller rooms—30A and 30B—was built after the fire.