Room 14W is a small San Juan room located in the west sector of Salmon Pueblo. It measures 2.8 x 2.8 m and lies south of and is associated with Room 13W. The walls were built during the San Juan period with cobbles set in adobe mortar and contain fine sandstone walls on the west and south sides. The walls and floor of 14W were burned during some point of the occupation. Room 14W was cleaned out and reused a second time after the burning. Only one feature, a niche, was found in the room. Six stratigraphic units were defined. Several interesting bone artifacts were found: an awl, a bone scraper, and five long tubular bone beads. The floor of Room 14W did not have any artifacts and was cleaned after the fire. Based on the ceramic assemblage and stratigraphic position, Room 14W was probably constructed in the 1200-1250 interval.