Room 11W is shaped like a parallelogram, is located in the west sector of Salmon Pueblo, and was built during the San Juan period. It measures 3.5m east-west by 1.9m north-south and contains features that suggest a kiva function and use. The walls were built in a San Juan style with cobbles in adobe mortar. The roof burned, apparently at or near abandonment, and the floor also showed evidence of burning. Nine strata were defined in Room 11W. The roof-fall layer contained trash that may have been on the roof at collapse or deposited post-occupation. The roof-fall stratum contained charcoal and adobe casts of latillas, but no intact wood or charcoal suitable for tree-ring dating. The floor contained a sizeable assemblage including ceramics, lithics, bone, corn, and charcoal. Six features were associated with Room 11W including a hearth and deflector combination and a burial. Based on the ceramic assemblage and its position above Room 10W, Room 11W was probably constructed between 1200-1250.