Room 8A is an unusual five-sided room in the west sector of Salmon Pueblo, constructed during the San Juan period. It measures 2.3 m north-south by of 2m east-west. It is bounded on the west by Room 10W, on the southwest by Room 11W, and on the east by a curved wall. Eight distinct strata were identified in the room. roof-contact layer, cultural fill was more abundant with ceramics, lithics, bone, charcoal, and wood-impressed adobe from the ceiling and roof of the room. The next stratum was an occupational layer that contained some cultural materials and charcoal. The floor contact and floor itself revealed several artifacts in situ, all on the eastern side of the room. No features were associated with Room 8A. The walls showed evidence of burning, but the scant roof-fall layer found was not burned, nor were any deposits on or near the floor. Based on the ceramic types and architectural traits, Room 8A was built between 1200-1250, during the San Juan period.